History of the Parish

883c52_0da668efb2204dd1bdf6ce71d75ecd2dThe parish of St. Therese of Lisieux was established on October 3, 1925. The first pastor was Father Joseph D. Hagan, who, upon his arrival, found little in the way of physical resources. He did, however, find great faith and enthusiasm among the 120 families which were to form the nucleus of this new parish. Father Hagan said the first Mass for the parishioners on October 18, 1925 in the Homestead Park Municipal Building.

Soon after this, property was purchased at the corner of Main and Superior Avenues. Construction began almost immediately on a frame church which was completed and blessed by Bishop Boyle on January 15, 1926.

883c52_21c8c765bbcd4fb89cc208b2ec4ddafaThe hopes of Father Hagan and the entire parish for a speedy expansion program, which would include a permanent church and a parochial school, were delayed by the crash of 1929. Hope was renewed when the mills again began to boom with wartime orders and the parish began to continue its plans for growth.

Unfortunately, Father Hagan was not able to see his plans take concrete form. After a brief illness, he died on February 16, 1947. Father Hagan’s successor was Father Joseph A. Nee. Fr. Nee was appointed pastor on March 20, 1947.

Due to the rapid growth of the parish, it seemed wise to search for other land, which would be better able to accommodate the anticipated building program. The current property was purchased on July 31, 1951.

Permission was obtained from the Most Reverend John F. Dearden, Bishop of Pittsburgh, to construct a school on the new property. Ground was broken on July 16, 1953, and the cornerstone was laid on November 15, 1953. The new school was blessed on August 21, 1954, and Mass was celebrated in the basement of the new school until 1958 when the church was completed. The convent was completed in 1955 and was occupied by the Sisters of Charity until 1997. It is now used for pre-school and kindergarten classes.



Updated February, 2015.