Father Terry-brightened

I would first like to thank you for your interest in the ministries offered at St. Therese of Lisieux Parish.

In looking at the various ministries, may we be inspired by the Parable of the Talents. (Mt 25:14-30; cf. Lk 19, 12-27) The parable reminds each of us that we are entrusted with talents to be used to bring the love of God to our world. The parable also points out that we are given different talents and all that God asks of us is that we maximize our own potential. Let us further be encouraged by St. Therese of Lisieux who did ordinary things with extraordinary love.

In looking through this handbook, what ministry or ministries catch your eye or, more importantly, your heart? In answering this question, I ask that you do two things. First, pray. Second, do not be afraid.

The five section headings in the handbook are taken from Bishop Zubik’s Pastoral Letter, The Church Alive! The bishop considers these as the five essential qualities of parish life. That is, if we want our parish to be alive then we need to cover these five areas. Your “yes” will undoubtedly help us to be alive with the life and love of Jesus at our parish.

I once again thank you for considering to volunteer at St. Therese. May each of us exercise our talents to the fullest and truly be The Church Alive!

God bless,

Rev. Terrence P. O’Connor