Saint of the Month

Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne

Feast Day:   November 18

ROSE was born in 1769 and grew up in France with a loving family. Her dream was to go the United States to help Native Americans.

She became a Sister of the Sacred Heart and was sent to the new state of Missouri. She set up a school in a log cabin and later organized other schools for girls in St. Louis and New Orleans.

In 1841, she was able to go to Kansas to teach the children of the Potawatomi tribe. Although she had difficulty learning their language, they saw her as a person of prayer and called her Woman-Who-Prays-Always.

Prayer: God of love, we know that Saint Rose Duchesne sought to do your will in her life. She went where she was needed and she was a person of prayer in all things. Help us to follow Rose’s example. Help us to be people of prayer and love for others. We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

How can you be like Saint Rose Duchesne

Pray every day and try to pray more the next day.

Serve others and go where you are needed: Welcome a new child at school; make a card for someone who is sick; visit and elderly neighbor or family member.