Saint of the Month

Saint Catherine of Siena

Feast Day: April 29

Patron of: Fire Prevention, Nurses, Italy

Catherine was born in Siena, Italy the 23rd of 25 children. By the age of 7, she knew that she wanted to devote her life to God.

Catherine helped prisoners. She worked in a hospital and nursed people made sick by a plague.

The message that she shared with others was a simple one – that through our words, actions, and choices, we grow closer to God. We can choose daily, as she did, to work for God’s kingdom.

Catherine of Siena died in 1380 and was canonized in 1461 by Pope Pius II. She was named a Doctor of the Church in 1970.


How can you be like Saint Catherine of Siena:

Study the Commandments and make the right choices every day.

Take care of others. Spend time with those who need someone to help them.

Think about your words and your actions. Make sure that they are pleasing to God.