Saint of the Month

Saint Miguel Febres Cordero

Feast Day:   February 9

BROTHER MIGUEL was a well-known teacher in Ecuador.

As a boy, Francisco Febres Cordero was taught by his mother to have faith in God and to share God’s love with others. As a teen, he became a Christian Brother and took the name Miguel.

He became an outstanding teacher. He was a simple person who was happiest when he was teaching the young people in his classes. Each year, he wrote new material to help the students learn their lessons. He went out of his way to help children and others.

He was canonized a Saint in 1984 by Pope John Paul II.

Today, Christian brothers teach in schools named after Miguel. Many of these schools help children get an education in spite of poverty and violence of the inner city.


How can you be like Saint Miguel

We can help teachers and children in our schools by listening in class while others speak; explaining homework to a student who struggles with a lesson; and enthusiastically participating in school projects.